How to Talk About Employment Gaps

If that resume is showing a few gaps in your employment history, it may raise a few eyebrows among any potential hiring managers looking to interview you for a new IT job. No matter if your breaks were only for a few months, or if you had valid reasons for taking a sabbatical from work, you should be prepared to talk about these gaps during an interview.

Following these few simple steps provides you with a good strategy for handling employment gaps on your resume and in any potential interview after getting noticed by a hiring manager.

Sometimes it’s Good to Leave off the Month

In some cases, if you were only unemployed for a few months, consider leaving the month off of the date range when listing employment history. This is especially effective if you’ve tended to stay at a job for a long time throughout your career. It definitely makes employment gaps look less obvious on your resume, and many human resources personnel might not raise the issue in an interview.

When Discussing Gaps in Employment History, Honesty Works Best

When gaps in your employment history come up during an interview, it is important to be honest and straightforward when discussing them. If you were laid off from a previous position, be upfront about it. The economy has suffered over the last few years, even for technology professionals, so you needn’t feel alone in suffering temporary unemployment.

If you took an employment sabbatical for family-related issues, like an illness or a new birth, or to support a volunteer effort you feel strongly about, be sure to mention those reasons. While companies definitely place value on a potential employee’s technical skill set, they also appreciate a well-rounded worker with interests outside the office. It is a great way to put a positive spin on an employment gap.

If you need some help formulating the best strategies to help deal with gaps in your employment history, schedule some time to talk to your local technical recruiter. As one of the leading IT staffing companies in the New Jersey area, APN Consulting has the recruiters on hand who will ensure you put your best foot forward during a job search — employment gaps or not.

How to Talk About Employment Gaps

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