Using LinkedIn to Snag your Dream IT Job

The preeminent social network for professionals, LinkedIn has become a valuable resource for networking in all industries, especially IT. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, you should stop reading this and go sign up immediately.

Now that you are back, let’s take a look at how you can leverage LinkedIn to help you land a dream job in technology. Remember that professional social networking needs to be one tool in your job search arsenal combined with an excellent resume, great interviewing skills, and the ability to write a custom cover letter for every job you are interested in.

LinkedIn is a Great Source for Available IT Positions

LinkedIn is a great resource for currently open technical jobs. The website features many interest groups covering all areas of technology. Sign up for these groups, introduce yourself, and pay attention to any job postings. Also be sure to research any companies doing work in an area of interest to you; they may post available positions on the site.

These interest groups are also great for checking out resources for learning about the latest in technology, like a new functional programming language, NoSQL database, or a Cloud-based Platform as a Service offering.

Before taking those steps you really need to make sure your LinkedIn profile spells out your work experience and technical skills accurately and clearly. You should treat the profile as an alternative version of your resume.

Using LinkedIn to Network with your Previous Employer

Make sure to network with your previous employers and co-workers on LinkedIn. Don’t feel bashful about asking for a recommendation from those who are familiar with your skills and work ethic. Endorse your previous co-workers’ abilities and chances are they will return the favor.

A robust LinkedIn profile, filled with your work experience, technical abilities, endorsements, and recommendations will go a long way in telling a potential employer that you are serious about your career.

Use LinkedIn to Network with APN Consulting

LinkedIn is also a great way to introduce yourself and network with APN Consulting. One of the leading technical staffing companies in the New York and New Jersey area, APN has the recruiters on hand to make sure your LinkedIn profile is ready to go to help you find and land a great IT position!

Using LinkedIn to Snag your Dream IT Job

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