Four Traits Effective IT Pros Should Have

Maintaining a productive career in technology is a challenge that never ends. New programming languages, operating systems, databases, and platforms are always being introduced to the market. Of course, becoming (and staying) an effective IT professional requires staying abreast of the latest in technology, but there are other traits that contribute to the equation.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you should be doing to ensure a robust and rewarding IT career.

A Keen Understanding of the Business

Technology doesn’t drive the business — it’s actually the opposite. Take the steps to fully understand the marketplace in which your current company operates. This includes analyzing their top competitors and what makes them stand out.

A keen understanding of business puts you on the fast path to promotion. It also helps benefit your company’s operational efficiency.

Be Honest and Forthright

No one appreciates a dishonest back-stabber in the workplace. An honest and forthright approach when dealing with superiors and co-workers goes a long way in raising your profile at work. If you ever make a technical mistake — own up to it; lying about the issue may be more harmful than the mistake itself.

A Hard Worker goes Far in the Office

When it’s crunch time on a project, be sure to put in the extra effort to ensure its success. Arriving to work a little early and leaving a little late each day also gets noticed by management. Never be known as a clock-watcher!

Your Education Never Ends

Always remember that in a technical career, you education never ends. Whether it is spending the extra time to learn a new database system, or going back to school for your MBA, constantly striving to learn and develop yourself serves you well throughout your career. Be sure to be generous with any new knowledge you’ve acquired by mentoring co-workers.

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Four Traits Effective IT Pros Should Have

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