Common Fears Hindering Your IT Success

The quote “I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer.” is taken from the Litany Against Fear authored by the fictional Bene Gesserit witches in Frank Herbert’s science fiction classic, Dune. Surprisingly, these words also hold relevance to today’s IT professional.

Is fear keeping your career from achieving its true potential? Is fear ultimately hindering your IT success? Let’s take a look at some common fears that could be hampering your productivity.

Fear of Failure

In any technical profession, there is a fear of failure, especially depending on your level of responsibility. The possibility of a software bug causing your company a loss in revenue and reputation is something real in the industry. Failure is a normal part of life, so don’t let fearing it cause a bigger problem than actually failing!

Fear of Success and Additional Responsibility

Almost the opposite of fear of failure, the fear of success and the additional responsibility it may bring, shouldn’t keep you from giving your best effort at all times. If you prefer to work as a programmer than eventually taking a leadership role make sure you are upfront with your company about your ultimate career goals.

Fear of Embarrassment

Fear of embarrassment also relates to the fear of failure, and frankly it shouldn’t be an issue that hampers your performance at work. In many cases, inaction due to fear will cause more embarrassment than giving it your all on a project that doesn’t end up as a total success.

Fear of the Unknown

Considering the innovative nature of the IT industry, having a fear of the unknown tends to be something not seen much among technical professionals. Still, IT workers must learn to expect the unexpected and gain the ability to thrive in those kinds of environments.

No matter what fears you may have in your IT career, getting over them is a key part of ensuring your success. Talk to your local technical recruiter to gain advice into how to manage your professional fears. One of the leading IT staffing firms in the New York area, APN Consulting has the recuiters on hand to make sure you get past any fears on your way to a meaningful career.

Common Fears Hindering Your IT Success

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