Time to Sharpen Your Data Analytics Skills!

Data analytics is one of the hottest trends in the world of IT. As businesses began to embrace newer big data technologies, as well as the wide variety of NoSQL databases, it became obvious they needed a way to wean actionable business information out of all that data. Enter the data analyst.

Learn those Data Analytics Skills

Hiring specifically for data analysts is on the rise, and don’t worry if you are a developer or software engineer, having experience in data analytics on your resume might help you get a great new position. IBM’s new Center of Advanced Analytics in Columbus is a perfect example of the importance many large companies now place on data analytics. This explosion in new data analysts is happening across many different industries, including marketing, with more than half of companies expecting to increase hiring of employees with skills in analytics.

There are many opportunities to learn data analytics both locally or online. Check to see if there is local DAMA chapter in your area. This data management professional organization is a great way to learn new data-related disciplines as well as network with those already experienced and willing to share their knowledge.

The online data education portal, DATAVERSITY, is another excellent resource for learning about analytics; providing a host of free seminars and other educational content from thought leaders throughout the data industry. Ultimately, it is up to you to spend the time to add these important skills to your technical knowledge toolbox.

If your resume lacks the right analytics experience, but you are a proven success in IT, consider taking a temporary data analyst position to add that skill set to your portfolio. It may even lead to a permanent position.

Your Local IT Recruiter Can Help

Don’t forget to consider your local technical recruiter as a valuable resource when looking for a permanent position as a data analyst. They can also give training advice if you want to add data analytics to your IT skill set.

One of the top IT recruiting companies in the Metropolitan New York area, APN Consulting has the recruiters on staff with the right experience to help your steer your career, whether you are an experienced data analyst, or someone curious about this hot technology trend.  Contact us today to learn more!

Time to Sharpen Your Data Analytics Skills!

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