Open Source Projects

Since the late 1990s, open source software has led to many top innovations throughout technology. From the Linux operating system to the MongoDB NoSQL database to the WordPress software that runs this very blog, there is little in today’s technical world that doesn’t owe some inspiration to open source software.

Remember too that open source projects are a great way to gain experience in new programming languages, databases, or operating systems. They are also perfect for honing your collaborative skills which helps you ensure success throughout your career.

Don’t Overlook the Opportunity of Open Source

The fact that a lot of open source projects don’t involve upfront pay causes many to overlook the opportunity they provide. Don’t make that same mistake.

Many of the colleagues in your profession actively take part in open source initiatives. This gives them the opportunity to gain valuable experience as well as share their knowledge with others. These soft skills are vital for your career.

Explore Contributing to an Open Source Project

Make it a point to check out the variety of open source projects online that welcome new contributors. PHP developers or those wanting to learn the language can get involved with WordPress, either by working on the main program or its wide variety of themes and plug-ins.

Many of the newer NoSQL databases, including those from the Apache Software Foundation like HBase or Cassandra, are open source in nature. Download the latest code, play around with the software, and start fixing bugs as well as creating new features.

Open Source Can Build Your Experience and Connections

There is little doubt that contributing to an open source project is a great way to add experience to your resume, in addition to finding new connections and colleagues. You and your career will benefit.

If you are interested in checking out the world of open source, but are still unsure about the best path to take, schedule some time to talk to a local recruiter. They can provide the insight needed to make your foray a success. As the leading IT recruiter in the New Jersey area, APN Consulting has the staff on hand to help you enter the vibrant world of open source software.

Open Source Projects

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