Preparing for the Departure of an IT Member

Given the amount of turnover in the IT industry, it is not unexpected to have to deal with the loss of a valuable member of your technical staff. While some temporary issues may arise out of an employee moving on to a new situation, having an actionable plan already in place goes a long way in mitigating any long-term problems to your company.

Plan before a Technical Associate’s Last Day of Employment

Any plan of action before an IT employee’s last day of work needs to account for the retention and transfer of valuable internal technical information. Obviously, the status updates of any current projects the person is working on are vital. Ensure any knowledge transfer to other relevant team members and project managers occurs for both current and legacy work.

If relevant, make sure all system passwords and other important technical information gets documented and shared amongst IT staff members. You don’t want to get an unfortunate discovery of an undocumented source code enhancement three months after the employee’s last day.

Hiring a Temporary or Replacement IT Staffer

Consider hiring that employee’s replacement before they leave the company. In fact, a temporary IT associate might be perfect for this situation. It is a great way to make sure the right knowledge gets transferred and company operations aren’t impacted.

When looking for temporary or permanent technical candidates, leverage your local recruiter or staffing agency. They know the current marketplace and probably have a few resumes of qualified IT replacements already in-house.

Final Steps on the Employee’s Last Day

Any final steps on the associate’s final day need to include changing all relevant company and network passwords. Email accounts need to closed, with forwarding to a new address set up if desired.

Sharing a last lunch with the employee goes a long way in maintaining good will, especially if they were a valuable member for your firm. You never know what the future holds; that person may consider coming back in the future.

As mentioned earlier, when looking for a temporary or permanent replacement for a technical staff member, a staffing agency is often a great place to start. As home to the top technical recruiters in the New Jersey metro area, APN Consulting needs to be your first option when replacing a valuable IT employee. They have the experience and knowledge to keep your firm running on all cylinders!

Preparing for the Departure of an IT Member

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