“Professional Brand”: Building or Hindering your Career?

Face it, in today’s age of ubiquitous social media and networking, you have your own brand as a technical professional. How you nurture this brand goes a long way in determining your career path and ultimate success in IT. It is important to let your brand build your career, not hinder it.

Anytime you interact with your co-workers and bosses, complete a project, or attend a local meeting of a tech-related special interest group, you are building your professional brand. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your brand supports your career.

It is Important to be Yourself

When on the job it is important to be yourself. Let your true personality shine through in your day-to-day interactions on the job. Sincerity and hard work go a long way in building a positive professional brand.

At the same time though, watch how your co-workers interact with your superiors and each other, while trying to emulate any positive behaviors that lead to a workplace environment that fosters creativity and teamwork.

Be Open and Responsive

Make sure you listen to any positive feedback and constructive criticism from clients, superiors, and co-workers. Being receptive to change helps ensure your career and brand remain on the path towards continuous improvement — something to strive for.

Take the time to learn your company’s goals and mission statement and make them your own. This shows the executive team at your organization that you are a valuable worker with their best interests in mind.

Always go the Extra Mile for yourself and Your Company

Remember to always go the extra mile to make sure projects get completed on time and that your work performance remains exemplary. What helps your company also helps your career and ultimately your professional brand.

If you need some advice on the best steps you can take to build your professional brand, be sure to talk to your local IT recruiter. Remember that APN Consulting remains one of the leading technical staffing companies in the New York metro area, with the recruiters on hand to help take your career and brand to the next level.

“Professional Brand”: Building or Hindering your Career?

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