Quality Over Quantity Matters

If you are an experienced IT professional out on a quest for a new position, your resume probably reflects the robust technical experience typical of someone at this point in your career. When searching for a job in today’s market place, it is important for industry veterans to emphasize the quality over the quantity when putting together a resume. Hiring managers have a better chance of noticing your worth on a sharp, concise resume instead of getting bogged down in the details.

Don’t Let your Resume Grow to Multiple Pages

HR personnel usually have to deal with hundreds of resumes when they post a new job position. Be sure to keep your resume to no more than two pages if you are an experienced professional. Because of this limitation, make the effort to tailor each resume for the position in question, highlighting your experiences and technical skills that make a good fit for this role.

If you need any more detail to help ensure you get called in for an interview, use to cover letter to provide this supporting material. It is important to not get your application lost in the shuffle.

List Noteworthy Responsibilities and Qualifications

Instead of detailing every position you’ve held in chronological order, place a section at the top of your resume listing noteworthy responsibilities as well as technical skills and qualifications. Once again, make the extra effort to tailor this section to the specific job you are applying for. Make sure your relevant abilities stand out to the hiring manager.

If you don’t want to age yourself on the resume, consider only listing your most recent employment history especially if it is applicable to the desired position. This is an effective tactic if you’ve kept up with the latest technology throughout your career. Companies like to hire someone who continues to grow in their technical capabilities.

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Quality Over Quantity Matters

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