Are You on Track to Reach your IT Goals?

The midpoint of every year is the perfect time to take stock of the “State of the IT Department.” Are you meeting your short-term and long-term goals for productivity? Is it going to be a tough road to achieve those targets this year?

Thankfully, there are still more than six months left in 2013, so there is enough time to right the ship and correct its course if it needs correction. There remain two major steps your company could take to make sure your IT department meets all its projections for 2013 and starts off 2014 with a bang.

Hiring New Technical Staff to Help Meet Your 2013 Goals

One obvious way to ensure your company’s 2013 plans are met is to add to your IT staff, whether on a permanent or temporary basis. Throwing additional manpower at the time-honored project management is the most straightforward way to refocus and achieve those goals this year.

Once the new staff is onboard, trained and ready to contribute, estimate new six-month goals that take into account your new technical hires. This is an excellent way to ensure this year’s success, reward your entire staff and get the team fired up for the new year in January.

Consider Engaging an Outside Source to Cross-Train Your Employees

Another option to consider, if your budget won’t allow hiring the needed IT workers to reach your company’s targets, is bringing in outside resources to cross-train your existing staff in new technical skills. Since this will probably require additional hours from your current staff, set up a reward program that offers a bonus to your employees for each goal successfully met. Additionally, those same outside resources can be leveraged to train any new employees your company was able to hire.

No matter if you hire some new IT workers or use a resource to cross-train your existing staff, don’t forget your local technical staffing company, since they can provide the experience, insight, and access to talent to ensure your organization’s overall success in 2013 and beyond. One of the top IT staffing firms in the New York metro area, APN Consulting has the staff on hand to help your company choose the right path to meet your 2013 projections.

Are You on Track to Reach your IT Goals?

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