Signs a Company should Hire an IT Contractor

While your company’s technical staff normally works very well together; adding to the overall efficiency and bottom line, there are some times when bringing in an IT contractor from the outside makes perfect sense. Maybe its crunch time on a big project with a lot of visibility, or some additional expertise will help you win a bid on a multiyear job?

Even if your current IT team is top rank, here are five signs that it might be time look for some outside help from a technical contractor.

1. Need Technical Expertise not Currently on your Staff

Your executive VP just read a Gartner report on NoSQL databases and decided that your company needs to explore this growing database sector. But your team doesn’t have anyone on hand with NoSQL knowledge. Hiring an outside contractor well versed in Neo4j or Cassandra is a great way to bring that experience in house, making you and your bosses happy.

 2. Some Extra Manpower to Complete an Overdue Project

Crunch time on a late project isn’t always the best moment to throw extra personnel at the problem, but sometimes there is no choice. Adding an experienced IT worker able to hit the ground running might make the difference between the project’s success and failure.

 3. Staff Up for a Big Multiyear Project

Your company’s just won a bid for a multiyear project worth millions. Now is a good time to staff up — with permanent hires as well as a contractor or two to ensure your project team has a good technical mix moving forward.

 4. An Outside Perspective would Help Things before a Job Bid

Maybe your firm is still in bidding process for that huge multiyear project. It might be a good idea to bring an IT contractor on a temporary basis to provide an outside perspective before the bid submission. His or her insight might make the difference.

 5. Staffing Flexibility is a Good Thing!

 Ultimately, the staffing flexibility provided by the intelligent use of IT contractors to support your permanent staff helps your company in many different ways. It is a great way to optimize workforce efficiency.

If you are ready to start looking at available IT contractors, talk to the staffing experts at APN Consulting. One of the leading technical staffing firms in the New Jersey area, they can help your company’s IT team building needs.

Signs a Company should Hire an IT Contractor

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