Choosing the Best Candidate for the Job

When adding to your company’s technical staff – be it on a permanent or temporary basis – it’s obviously important to choose the best candidate for the job. That sounds deceptively simple, but what criteria goes into making the final decision? Picking the best employee out of a vast array of resumes whittled down to a select few interviewees combines analyzing their technical abilities and experience with a measure of intuition regarding whether or not they will fit within your company’s culture.

It is important to get this decision right, as a mistake made when hiring a new worker has the potential to cost your company in lost productivity and wasted training resources.

Analyzing a Technical Candidate’s Experience and Skill Set

Before even advertising for a new position, it is vital to clearly define the technical requirements for the job. Does it require a senior-level IT professional, or will someone fresh out of college be able to succeed in the role? Is experience in any specific programming languages or operating systems required?

Once a collection of resumes is acquired, go through them with a hiring team to find the best candidates to bring in for interviews. Resume vetting remains an important part of the overall process.

Ultimately, a Cultural Fit Plays an Important Role in a New Employee’s Success

While relevant experience on a resume and successful navigation of a technical interview are important when predicting a new employee’s productivity with your organization, their cultural fit may be an even more relevant factor when considering their potential for long-term success. Make sure some portion of the interview probes into this area of the candidate’s background. This is where your intuition becomes vital when making that final decision between two equally skilled and experienced potential hires.

Also remember your local technical staffing company when deciding to add on to your technical staff. A quality IT recruiter has a collection of qualified candidates on hand, as well as the insight to ensure your new hire is a good cultural fit for your firm. One of the leading technical staffing companies in the New York metro area, APN Consulting can help you choose the best possible IT employee.

Choosing the Best Candidate for the Job

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