Salesforce for sale?: What this means for enterprise IT [Video]

Last week, was in talks with financial advisors regarding a possible acquisition. What would this mean for the No. 1 CRM platform?

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According to Bloomberg, Salesforce was approached by a potential acquirer, and while no deal has been made publicly available, it is likely that the CRM developer is considering the impact of either being absorbed by another tech company or working underneath one.

If Salesforce is sold, it would be the largest takeover of a software company ever, and adding Salesforce to an IT firm’s software roster would do wonders for the acquirer’s cloud market share. Some sources posited that SAP was in talks with the CRM company, while others indicated that Microsoft, Oracle and Google were interested.

What would a Salesforce acquisition even mean for users and businesses?

In some regards, Salesforce could benefit infrastructure-wise from partnering with a bigger organization. This would make the platform’s performance better.

On the IT side of things, professionals can expect Salesforce to integrate more easily with existing software and hardware, if acquired by a business such as Microsoft or Oracle.

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Salesforce for sale?: What this means for enterprise IT [Video]
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