Security in the Cloud

As Cloud Computing continues to be the dominant trend in Information Technology, issues of security are recently coming to the forefront. The well-publicized hacking of Target’s customer data along with other incidents are making cyber security an important aspect of Cloud adoption.

If your company is embracing a Cloud-based initiative, walking that fine line between a proper level of security while providing an engaging experience to your user base is a must. Ultimately, security for vital personal data is an important form of customer service.

BYOD and Home Access to Cloud Data are Important Issues

The mobile device proliferation competes with Cloud Computing as far as IT trends go. In fact, the two are related, especially when considering that customers expect access to Cloud-based systems and data from a mobile device, wherever their location. This same issue might come into play at your workplace if you are considering or already employs a BYOD policy.

Shawn Kingsberry, CIO of the Recovery, Accountability and Transparency Board, comments on the mobile device expectation in the workplace. “Everyone’s so mobile, and at home they do so many things and have access to so much information, the expectations in the office are even higher when you look at the services that have to be delivered,” said Kingsberry.

The Scourge of Mobile Malware

Whether a mobile device accesses the Cloud from the home or in the office, securing vital data is a must. The Android platform is known for its openness, which has led to many cases of mobile malware, but Apple’s iOS platform is not immune to the issue, as the recent SSL security updates to the iOS 7 and OS X operating systems reveal.

Expect your company to maintain a balance between ease of access and data security for both your employees and your customers.

Augmenting your current IT staff with technical professionals well-versed in Cloud-based cyber security is a good idea for balancing on the proverbial Cloud security tightrope. As one of the leading IT staffing companies in the New York City area, APN Consulting has access to the right technical skill set to help your company embrace the Cloud. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Security in the Cloud

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