Should Your Company Move to the Cloud?

Companies of all sizes are continuing their move to the Cloud. Cloud-based computing offers many benefits, including reduced costs, improved access to data, and increased productivity. The Cloud is also a great way for your company to go “green” by reducing the energy normally consumed running your own server equipment.

Moving to the Cloud doesn’t have to be a difficult process. IT professionals with experience in Cloud-based computing can assist with the transition, and they are only a phone call or email away.

Cloud Storage Benefits Small and Mid-size Companies

Frankly, the Cloud computing concept isn’t too different than the mainframe computers of a forgotten age. Instead of keeping backup servers at your own in-house data center, you essentially rent the hard drive storage, computing horsepower, and network access from a company optimized to provide those services.

Cloud-based storage is always on, and your centralized data is always available for access at your company’s office, your computer at home, or anywhere on your mobile device. Your data remains secure, as it is encrypted using the latest SSL encryption technology.

A recent Cloud computing study by CSC revealed that almost all companies showed improved productivity after moving to the Cloud. In fact, 80 percent of those firms saw benefits within the first six months of their Cloud implementations. In addition to increased productivity, nearly 70 percent of the companies surveyed by CSC reported less waste and energy consumption after implementing cloud-based solutions. This means the Cloud is a great way to “go green” in addition to the obvious cost savings.

IT Consultants Help the Transition to the Cloud

When making the jump into Cloud computing, it is important to do the necessary research to avoid pitfalls and mistakes. What Cloud vendor should I choose? What Cloud applications do I need? Is training for my staff available or even necessary?

Cloud-experienced IT consultants are available to answer these and any other questions you may have regarding an investment in Cloud-based computing. In fact, hiring an experienced IT professional goes a long way in ensuring your company’s smooth transition to the Cloud.

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Should Your Company Move to the Cloud?

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