Skype Interview? How to Make it Successful

More and more companies are using Skype to interview candidates. This is happening in all industries including the world of technology. In many cases, Skype replaces screening interviews that used to happen over the phone.

Interviewing using Skype isn’t any different from interviewing in person. At the minimum, you should approach the interview exactly as you would if faced with a team interview at the company’s location — don’t wing it! This is no time to slack off on your appearance or preparation.

Preparations for your Skype Interview

Before the interview takes place, be sure to test out your video connection using Skype with a friend or colleague. Don’t subject yourself to the embarrassment of poor internet bandwidth keeping the interview from happening.

Make sure that the background to your video camera is appropriate and dark enough so you are clearly visible on the screen. Additionally, ensure that the surrounding noise level stays low enough so the interviewers can hear your answers.

Your physical appearance should be no different than if it was an in-person interview. Dress professionally. Get over the urge to have “cheat sheets” handy for any technical questions; the interviewers will probably notice if you are using them.

During the Interview Itself

Once again — a Skype interview is no different than a regular interview. Be sure to speak enthusiastically, but clearly and slowly, while paying attention to your body language. You should exude confidence, as it reflects your attitude on the job if you get the position.

Before the interview is complete, make it a point to ask about the next round of interviews and their format and location. Get the contact information for everyone who interviewed you and be sure to follow up with them. Thank the interviewers for the opportunity.

Don’t forget that your local technical recruiter is a great source for advice and tips on interviewing — be it on the phone, in person, or on Skype. One of the top IT staffing agencies in the New Jersey area, APN Consulting employs the best recruiters to help take your career to the next level.

Skype Interview? How to Make it Successful

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