Statement of Work

A Statement of Work (SOW) differs from a direct or contingent labor service in that it sets terms, limitations and defined business outcomes that the engagement is required to affect.  While in a direct or contingent labor service performance management rests with the clients, in a SOW engagement, the performance management rests with the supplier.

In today’s society, evolving business trends demand that companies keeping up with the latest technology. When you have smaller projects that do not require permanent staff, APN can help with outsourcing. Outsourcing offers advantages like freeing up internal bandwidth, limiting commitment, and competitive cost advantages. Choosing the right outsourcing firm to partner with is critical. APN Consulting partners with trusted brands to provide application development and maintenance services. Our experienced teams of IT professionals use modern project management, the best application development practices, and techniques to develop solutions for businesses. We work with industries that are part of accounting, finance, healthcare, etc. Whether an organization requires a Web-based e-commerce application or a collection of mobile applications, APN Consulting ensures that every solution it develops is high-performing, always available, scalable, user-friendly, and reliable.
When you want to maintain control of your projects yet need the right resource mix to staff the entire team, APN can offer flexible staffing options. We can quickly put together an entire, fully-functional team for a bundled price. Our team of experts will understand your entire project deliverables objective, the key skills needed to get the job done and take the onus of staffing the entire team with the right mix of skills. The advantage of this model is you can focus on the project outcomes and leave the routine resourcing task to us. We can guarantee resource availability for the duration of the project and also build in SLAs for potential backfills. You get the benefit of having a fully functional team that is not on your payroll but executes the project to your exact need.
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