Sustainable living is reflected in actions and conduct that help maintain a balanced environment in which we can make optimal use of resources with a minimal impact to our ecology so we may enhance our current and future potential to meet human needs.

APN recognizes that it is an integral part of the larger supply chain that links the vendor-client-customer ecosystem.  We understand that we have a direct and real impact to our customers business and their customers in turn.  

Person holding a plant
People coming together to help the environment

Through sustainable practices we pay mindful attention to how we utilize resources, reduce wastage, and measure progress.  Some examples of our sustainability initiatives are

  • Printing documents only when absolutely necessary.
  • Phasing out use of disposable plates, cups, & cutlery.
  • Using efficient faucets.
  • Using reusable water bottles.
  • Shutting off lights when room is not in use.  Using energy efficient lighting.
  • Recycling paper, plastic, glass, metal, old computers, printers, toners & batteries.
  • Building awareness and propagating sustainable practices at home and within our community.

We have sustainability advocates and stewards who are charged with the responsibility to encourage, foster, monitor, measure and report on metrics.  We have well defined areas of measurement and plan to report our progress on The Carbon Disclosure Project.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe everyone should make positive contributions to society and the environment in order to make the world a better place for future generations. As an organization, we have structured ourselves to inspire employees to be agents of social change and encourage staff to work towards social goals in order to feel good about their role in society. Our goal is to instill a strong sense of moral responsibility in both work-related and social interactions, now and for the long term.

To achieve this objective, we lead by example; working with corporate charity partners and matching donations with employee goals. We also encourage staff to explore their own passion by getting involved in their charity of choice and providing yearly volunteer hours.

Trenton Soup Kitchen

Along with our parent company, APN Consulting, we volunteered at our local soup kitchen in Trenton. It was a humbling experience to give back to the Trenton community by helping feed the hungry.

Click here to learn more about the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK). TASK is always looking for volunteers; if you are interested please visit their website for more information.

Our Corporate Charity Partner

Pencils of Promise Organization

We are thrilled to announce that we completed our first project in Aflao-Agblekpui Ghana.  This school serves 266 students!  The community currently utilizes mud and thatch buildings for most of the students, and the rest assemble outside beneath a large mango tree with little protection from the hot sun.  Please check our blog for updates on this important project.

APN Consulting is proud to support the work of this important organization, and hope you will join us to help support children around the world through Pencils of Promise!

APN Consulting is proud to partner with Pencils of Promise to further our goal of helping children around the world gain access to quality education. Pencils of Promise (“PoP”) works with communities across the globe to build schools and create programs that provide educational opportunities. To date, PoP has built over 300 schools and helped more than 30,000 students throughout Laos, Guatemala and Ghana.

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