Symantec prepares for cybersecurity pro demand [Video]

Mobile malware, cyberespionage, social engineering: Businesses certainly have their fair share of threats to keep track of, but they also lack the manpower.

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Michael Brown, CEO at Symantec, recently told CSO Online that the demand for cybersecurity professionals by 2019 will be unprecedented, as organizations struggle to fill 6 million security-skilled roles with a workforce of only 4.5 million cybersecurity pros.

As a solution, Symantec and the National Association of Software and Services Companies have formed a partnership with the hope of creating a certification program for five specific cybersecurity roles. In addition, the pair will inject some diversity into the cybersecurity industry by developing a scholarship fund for 1,000 women participating in the certification courses.

The demand for cybersecurity pros might be high, but it could be met soon.

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Symantec prepares for cybersecurity pro demand [Video]
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