When IT Talent Starts an Interview Poorly, Should You Hire Them?

Interview performance is just one of the various criteria your company uses when determining whether or not to hire a potential candidate. But what if that potential employee bombs the interview — maybe they are nervous, shy, or any other problem related to social interaction?

Is poor interview performance enough of a reason to forego hiring a candidate for a technical job? The final answer is really in the details — the interview specifics and the type of position in question.

As long as it wasn’t the technical interview…

If the poor interview performance occurred during a preliminary interview with a HR person, don’t automatically assume the candidate wouldn’t be an asset for your company. Once again, maybe shyness or nervousness is the underlying cause of the poor interview? The smart call is to at least have the candidate go through the technical interview process.

Someone who performed poorly during an HR interview might actually do well on their technical interview. Maybe they are more comfortable with another tech person or when discussing technology? A poor first interview should only matter in IT when the candidate is looking for a position involving a lot of interaction with people — something like a business analyst or a project manager.

Poor performance during a technical interview, especially if the interviewee gave incorrect answers or displayed a lack of understanding of the technologies covered during the interview, should be treated as a red flag. Someone unable to express technical concepts accurately won’t likely make a good IT employee at your organization.

Analyzing all the aspects of a technical candidate

Someone with a résumé full of valid experience in technology needs to be properly vetted by another technical person in a tech interview. Many developers or DBAs thrive in a solitary environment; able to accomplish their work at a high level with minimal disruption. Those kinds of candidates might be poor interviewers, but excellent at technology.

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When IT Talent Starts an Interview Poorly, Should You Hire Them?

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