What are your Barriers to Receiving an Offer?

So your first interview with the hot technology company in your area went well; you scheduled a second interview with that company and hope to get a job offer soon after.

What might be some red flags that could come up during that second session? Do you have some gaps in your employment history that need some explanation? Despite significant accomplishments in your career, maybe your technical skills are a bit dated?

Let’s take a look at how to break down some of the potential barriers between you and that job offer.

How to Handle Gaps in your Employment History

One of the easiest ways to hide gaps in your work history is to only list the years, leaving off the months, when detailing your previous employers on your résumé. This is an effective way to mask a gap that’s a few months long, especially if you’ve switched positions only a few times in a longer career.

If you’ve taken a sabbatical for whatever reason — getting an advanced degree, charitable efforts like the Peace Corps, or dealing with a family issue — be up front about it, if the employment history gap comes up during the interview. Being honest and forthright with a prospective employer goes a long way in building trust.

How to Handle a Dated Technical Skill Set

Despite a robust career in IT with many examples of providing value to your previous employers, you don’t have tangible work experience in latest and greatest in technology: mobile software development, NoSQL databases, etc. Make the effort to spend your own time learning newer skills relevant to your position and be prepared to answer any questions that may come up during a technical interview.

Getting a certification in a newer technical discipline that you haven’t used in your day job is another great way to show a prospective employer that you learn new things quickly. Companies want employees that will always evolve and grow their skill sets; showing extra effort is a great way to get that job offer!

If you need any additional advice on how to get past any barriers to earning a job offer in IT, talk to the experts at APN Consulting. As one of the leading technical staffing firms in the New York metro area, we can help you further your career. Schedule time with us today!

What are your Barriers to Receiving an Offer?

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