Prepare your Workforce for Baby Boomer Retirement?

The influence of the Baby Boomer generation on all areas of society is undeniable. Everything from art to music to technology has felt their touch. But what if your company depends on the talent and experience of Baby Boomers to help achieve its goals?

The risk of a personnel shortage due to the retirement of key members on your team doesn’t mean a death knell looms over your company’s future prospects. Here are some steps your firm can take to mitigate any potential issues arising out of Baby Boomer retirement.

Sharing their Knowledge is Vital

Your company needs to institute regular policies that facilitate the sharing of knowledge between older employees and those with less experience. While technology tends to be the domain of younger workers, sometimes there is no substitute for the problem solving skills honed through years of experience in the industry.

Leverage an intranet, SharePoint or a wiki to provide access to all employees for creating, sharing, and modifying this vital information as a Knowledge Base. Additionally, encourage your senior workers to take an active role in mentoring the younger members of your staff.

Don’t Forget about your Local IT Staffing Company!

Work with your HR team to develop a personnel strategy that takes into account the possibility of the retirement of some vital team members. It is important to keep your employment level at a point where your company is able to grow and compete in today’s market.

In many cases, your local technical staffing company can help formulate a hiring strategy that allows some overlap time between new employees and those experienced Baby Boomers they are trying to replace. The seamless transfer of knowledge in this situation remains critical!

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Prepare your Workforce for Baby Boomer Retirement?

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