Tech talent is hard to find, says survey [Video]

There’s a skills gap, there aren’t enough tech pros out there and hiring is near impossible, right? Well now there’s proof.

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Recruiting the best tech talent is a huge problem right now.

A recent survey conducted by Appirio found that 90 percent of C-suite executives and 82 percent of IT staff stated that onboarding IT professionals is the biggest hurdle to clear at their organizations.

As a result, 63 percent of executives said HR departments are investing their funds into finding and keeping tech talent at their firms.

Furthermore, 51 percent of IT professionals reach out to at least five potential tech workers.

To solve this problem, many organizations are turning to recruitment firms. This lowers the cost of finding IT professionals, as well as helping them onboard better talent.

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Tech talent is hard to find, says survey [Video]
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