Why You Should Accept an IT Contract Position

While permanent employment is usually a great way to build a rewarding career as a technical professional, it is important not to overlook the advantages provided by taking on a temporary IT contract position.

In many cases, these types of technical employment contracts provide flexibility, great pay, and even the opportunity for full-time employment. So make sure to consider any available contract positions throughout your job search.

Temporary Technical Jobs Build the Resume

If you are interested in the latest and greatest in technology, like a new NoSQL database or a functional programming language, consider taking on a temporary IT contract that provides experience in one of these areas.

Don’t worry about not having exposure to the technology; this is a great way to add breadth to your resume, and many companies take into account a displayed ability to learn new things quickly when choosing candidates.

In addition to a more robust resume, your wallet will also benefit, as many temporary IT jobs pay well — typically higher than the same permanent position.

A Great Way to Build Your Professional Network

There is little doubt that a large professional network goes a long way in ensuring a long and rewarding career in IT. Contract positions are a great way to meet new co-workers, learn new methodologies, and build your network. Who knows — a future boss might be in the cubicle next to you at your contract gig?

Networking also allows for flexibility in your next position – be it another contract, permanent employment, or perhaps starting a new company with some new friends you meet while on a temporary assignment. If you like to travel, taking on an IT contract might offer the chance to work in a new city or a different part of your current locale.

Your Recruiter Can Provide Valuable Insight

If you are unsure about the next steps to take when deciding to look for a contract IT job, make it a point to discuss matters with your local technical recruiter. One of the top IT staffing companies in the New York City region, APN Consulting has the knowledgeable staff on hand able to help you with your decision.

Their current job listings also feature a host of interesting and well-paying contract IT jobs able to provide your resume with some extra juice, and your career with an extra boost. Schedule some time to talk with APN Consulting today.

Why You Should Accept an IT Contract Position

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