Four Technical Skills in High Demand (and How to Find Talent That Possesses Them)

Any company worth its weight in salt maintains an IT staff well-honed on the latest technologies. Your company stands to lose its competitive edge should your employees begin to suffer from a skills gap. You need to either bring on new personnel with the latest technical skills or institute a potentially costly training program to freshen the technical abilities at your organization.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at four technical skills in high demand in the industry.

NoSQL Databases Foster Business Knowledge

Database engines based on graphs, documents, or other formats are generally known as NoSQL databases. DBAs able to administer these new-fangled data stores are much in demand throughout the industry. Regular SQL skills in combination with NoSQL are a plus considering the data migrations from older formats to these new databases.

The Age of the Data Scientist

Being able to interpret the data stored in NoSQL databases is a key factor in deriving actionable business information. The data scientist is a relatively new job title that combines the technical ability and business acumen able to proactively make sense of masses of data. Companies that employ top-notch data scientists hold a significant advantage over the competition.

Cloud-based Network Operations Thrive

As more companies eschew the operation of on-premise data centers in favor of Cloud-based service architectures, network operations engineers able to work in fast-paced Cloud environments are vital. These engineers need to thrive in the collaborative, agile situations typical of the growing trend towards DevOps.

Mobile Application Development Grows in Importance

Software developers familiar with mobile platforms like iOS and Android are valued by businesses. If the wearable market takes off, these developers will also need to be able to develop business apps for smartwatches and other similar devices.

Finding top-notch technical talent becomes easier when your company partners with a leading IT staffing agency. APN Consulting is one of the top technical employment firms in the Tri-State area.  Contact us for  business insight and résumés of vetted IT candidates who are able to immediately add value to your organization.

Four Technical Skills in High Demand (and How to Find Talent That Possesses Them)

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