The “Cloud” Isn’t Raining On Your Job Search

Cloud computing means more than just the latest technology buzzword; it is a fundamental shift in the way enterprises of all sizes run their business. According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index, over half of all IT server activity will be cloud-based by 2014.

For the savvy technology careerist, this undeniable migration to the cloud represents an opportunity to further your career and add valuable experience to that resume. Companies need help moving to the cloud, and their hiring is up!

Technology Companies Need Cloud-smart Employees Everywhere

With the demand for cloud computing skills growing at a rapid rate, it is important to note that these new jobs aren’t only in California. Wanted Analytics reported an 80 percent increase in cloud-based job listings from August 2011 to August 2012. Some metro areas where cloud employment thrives include Seattle, Washington D.C., and New York City, in addition to the obvious locations in the Bay Area.

In New York, the demand for cloud-savvy technical employees is up 230 percent over last year! Some of the key job titles where cloud experience now helps ensure getting hired are systems engineer, senior systems engineer, network engineer, systems administrator, and websphere cloud computing engineer.

In many locations, companies are having difficulty finding new employees with the required cloud computing experience. The Wanted Analytics study reports that US companies spend an average of 6.5 weeks running job listings for cloud-based employment before finding someone. If you are experienced in the cloud, your chances of landing that top rank IT job are great!

Fine-tuning Your Job Search for the Cloud

Finding a perfect cloud computing job takes only some minimal changes to your normal job search. In many cases, simply adding “cloud computing” or “cloud-based” to a job query filter helps to hone down those available positions to a manageable amount.

Location-based searching is another great way to find the metro areas where the demand for cloud experienced employees is the highest. Remember, the cloud isn’t only hot in California!

Ultimately, working with a savvy IT recruiter might be your best bet when trying to find that cloud computing position. As mentioned before, New York City has a huge demand for technical employees with cloud-based skills, and APN Consulting is one of the New York area’s top technology staffing firms. Schedule some time with one of their knowledgeable recruiters today.

The “Cloud” Isn’t Raining On Your Job Search

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