The importance of a well-optimized careers page [Video]

Jason Berkowitz, vice president of client services at Seven Step RPO, told CIO magazine that the average IT job candidate spends less than 60 seconds on a career page before making a decision about applying.

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IT professionals spend a lot of time optimizing their cover letters, resumes and social media pages in hopes of sealing the deal on a new job. So, why don’t you keep your digital assets fresh?

Berkowitz explained that the hiring process has three steps, and the first one is up to you as a hiring manager: You need to attract and woo candidates.

Therefore, you should ensure that your employers careers page is up-to-date, easy-to-use and representative of your corporate culture. CIO recommended making the career site mobile-friendly, optimizing it by keeping relevant information at the top and ensuring that applying is a simple process.

That’s all for our tips for this week, but stay tuned to APN for more news and suggestions for tech hiring.

The importance of a well-optimized careers page [Video]
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