The IT hiring climate in the public sector [Video]

The No. 1 challenge for state agency CIOs is keeping their IT professionals' paychecks up to par with private organizations.

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Once every four years, the National Association for State CIOs releases a report on the status of the public sector's IT workforce. This year's findings indicated that government agencies struggle to find experienced IT professionals. Here are five of the most interesting statistics:

  1. Ninety-two percent of CIOs don't pay their employees competitively because they cannot afford it.
  2. It takes CIOs between three and five months to fill an open IT role at their government agency, compared to 25 days in private sectors.
  3. Despite the nearly 4 million jobs opening in IT every year for only 40,000 computer science majors, only one-third of CIOs are happy with the skill level of their candidates.
  4. Cybersecurity positions are the most difficult to fill for public sector CIOs.
  5. In spite of the lower pay, IT professionals working for government agencies took that position due to its perceived stability.

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The IT hiring climate in the public sector [Video]
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