The ROI of Salesforce [Video]

Organizations across industries are discovering that Salesforce contributes directly to their bottom line. But how much does it actually affect revenue?

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Salesforce has become a mission-critical tool for all enterprises, regardless of the sector that they compete in, as the CRM system has demonstrated the ability to earn more revenue for businesses that use it.

According to a recent survey, organizations that use Salesforce in 2016 will together earn $1.8 billion extra, meaning that Salesforce increases sales by an average of 27 percent.

Additionally, thanks to Salesforce’s cloud capabilities, the CRM platform reduces IT costs by approximately 41 percent.

Salesforce also makes employees more productive – with data indicating that Salesforce cuts the number of emails and monthly meetings by 26 percent and 25 percent respectively.

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The ROI of Salesforce [Video]
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