Top Open Source Languages

The open source software movement is home to many of the top innovations in IT over the last 10 to 15 years. Everything from the Java language to the Android mobile operating system to the Cassandra NoSQL database comes from the world of open source.

There is a wide array of interesting and useful open source programming languages that are mainstays in today’s IT world. If you are a software engineer, you need to consider adding one or more of these languages to your toolbox. The open source community also provides many opportunities to get your feet wet on projects outside of your day job.

Let’s take a look at some of the leading open source programming languages.


Ever since the days of “write once, run everywhere,” Java continues to be one of the most widely-used open source languages. Large web-based applications use frameworks based on Java, and programming for Android also requires some skills. If you plan on a long, rewarding career as a programmer, you need Java in your arsenal.


Combining the elegance of C syntax (another important open source language) with object oriented programming principles; C++ is still popular, especially in applications where speed and performance is of the essence. Many of the top console video games use software and libraries written in C++ as a major component. Also, it is relatively easy to transfer skills in C++ to Java and vice-versa.


Regularly paired with the Rails web development framework, the Ruby programming language has enjoyed a popularity growth over the last few years. Ruby is a scripting language with an elegant syntax and is useful in many different scenarios — especially with the rapid web development typical of the Rails framework.

Considering the syntactical similarity between Java, C++, and C, adding all three languages to your skill set can be handled in parallel. Making the extra effort in learning these languages is a good move for your career.

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Top Open Source Languages

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