Work-Life Balance is Key for Tech Companies

For many IT professionals, finding the proverbial balance between their day job and family life can be a difficult proposition. Time spent on call, projects that last longer than expected, or just the general stress of work combine to hamper an employee’s quality of life.

Why is this important to your company? Happier workers perform better on the job, especially technical workers. Also, considering the competition for top rank IT talent, anything your firm can do to lower turnover rates ultimately helps your bottom line.

Unplugging Your IT Professionals

In today’s increasingly connected and mobile society, hard-working employees have the tendency to stay “on the job” at all hours of the day. Remote access capabilities give those workers the ability to manage their work from a tablet or a smartphone. Additionally, checking one’s work email can become an addiction!

While there are surely tangible benefits from this kind of productivity, increasing stress levels and an out-of-whack work-life balance may be harmful in the long run. The key is getting your workers to unplug from time to time.

Start a Proactive Policy for Work-Life Balance

Being proactive in encouraging workers to lead a well-balanced life is a great way to stand out amongst other IT companies. An eWEEK report on a study by jobs website, Glassdoor, revealed many top technical companies on Glassdoor’s list of the top 25 organizations with a quality work-life balance. Your firm needs to explore the benefits offered by those on Glassdoor’s list; checking if they make sense at your company.

Also get your HR staff focused on any activities that can engender teamwork as well as allowing your workers to blow off a little steam. A policy to limit employees’ work hours also goes a long way in preventing stress and inefficiency due to overwork. On-site child care shows that your company cares deeply about workers and their families.

If you have any questions about creating an environment for a quality work-life balance at your organization, your recruiter can help out. As one of the top technical staffing companies in the New Jersey area, APN Consulting provides the know-how and advice that can lead to less stressful, more productive workplace.

Work-Life Balance is Key for Tech Companies

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