Want to Reduce Your Hiring Costs and Stress?

The best way to deal with stress due to hiring costs involves focusing on workforce planning and strategic staffing. Having a plan in place when trying to find a candidate helps to improve the overall quality of the applicant pool, while making sure you end up with the best possible employee.

Top Steps in Creating a Strategic Hiring Plan

A strategic hiring plan involves setting up a few clearly defined steps to follow whenever a need for new associates appears.

  1. Determine the Job Profile: It is important get opinions from the proper managers and senior co-workers on the requirements for this new position, especially if the role involves multiple direct reports. Make sure corporate culture and personality traits are also taken into consideration.
  2. Leverage the Job Profile with Recruiters: The job profile deliverable from Step 1 is vital when engaging recruiters in sourcing an applicant pool. A focused search effort helps mitigate advertising costs as well as the time spent wading through potentially unqualified applicants.
  3. Streamline the Interview Process: When it comes time to interview potential candidates, consider saving time by using group interviews for the first round. You get to see how the potential employees interact with the other candidates, providing insight on how they will do when actually on the job.
  4. Don’t Forget the Technical Interview: For IT staffing, the technical interview is vital in determining whether the candidate is up to snuff with the latest programming or operating system skills. Don’t scrimp on this aspect of the recruiting process.
  5. Make the Final Decision Quickly: Stretching out that final hiring decision only serves to waste time and potentially blur the interviewers’ impressions of the candidates. It is vital not to let the hiring process linger.

Get Help in Devising and Analyzing a Strategic Staffing Plan

If creating a strategic staffing plan seems like a shot in the dark, there are experts able to help with every step of the way, including taking a look at your own company’s hiring strategy. As one of the top IT staffing firms in the Metropolitan New York area, APN Consulting provides turn-key solutions for an enterprise’s technical hiring needs.

This includes a thoughtful, expert look at an existing staffing plan, or having their recruiters source a pool of qualified IT candidates for long-term or contract employment. They can help reduce the stress and costs involved with hiring quality employees!

Want to Reduce Your Hiring Costs and Stress?

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