Simple Ways to Appear More Confident Than You Are

Ways to look confident

It is natural to feel unsure, anxious, and nervous at some time in your life.  No one feels 100% confident all the time. However, there’s no reason for others to know that. While confident people know how to cope up with those feelings, others are unable to put their nervous energy to good use. An aura of confidence not only helps attract positive attention but also opens up greater opportunities.

You must be well aware of the saying, “fake it till you make it.” Even if you don’t feel confident, adopting this approach can help you thrive in the business world. Confidence is a state of mind that can help you accomplish any challenges that come your way. Read this guide to learn some simple ways to appear more confident than you actually are!

Have Confident Social Interactions

Following are some practices or habits you can adopt to develop social confidence or show that you are socially confident:

  • Maintain eye contact when you talk.
  • If you constantly apologize for every little thing, break out of this cycle right away!
  • Always offer a firm handshake.
  • Speak slowly and clearly. Mumbling words can make you appear confused and insecure.
  • Smile often as it can make you appear approachable, warm, and friendly instantly.
  • Avoid engaging in any unnecessary drama.

According to Kris Oak, a Yin yoga teacher, and holistic health & nutrition consultant, social interaction can boost your confidence tenfold. She says, “Confidence is considered the height of your social skills, and it can only be sharpened if you continue to interact with people.”

Use Confident Body Language

Create an image in your mind of a person lacking in confidence. Do they have their head hung low? Are they taking up as little space as possible, avoiding eye contact, or slouching? These are clear signs that these types of postures are associated with anxiety and submissiveness.

The body-language doctor, Donna Van Natten explains in her latest book, Image Scrimmage, that it is essential to understand the power of nonverbal communication in business. Try to incorporate some of the following habits in your daily work life to optimize your body language and appear more confident:

  • Stand and walk with your head high and shoulders pulled back to look more poised and self-assured.
  • Anxious people often fidget and shift their weight from one side to another. Try to stand to balance your weight and stand still with your feet hip-width apart.
  • Keep physical contact appropriate but don’t be afraid to make some when needed. A little, appropriate tap on someone’s shoulder to get their attention won’t cause any harm!
  • Instead of using a hand gesture to emphasize every word you say, opt for the occasional controlled use of gestures.

Use the aforementioned simple ways to appear more confident than you actually are in your workplace to invite success to come your way and eventually thrive in the world of business!

Simple Ways to Appear More Confident Than You Are

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