What companies and industries need IT pros the most? [Video]

The hunt for top tech talent is on. Who’s leading the pack?

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In mid-April, Forbes and Indeed.com complied a list of the companies hiring the most right now, and perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of the open roles required tech skills. So, the news sources took the processes a step further and created a list of the 25 companies hiring the most tech talent as of April 7, 2015.

In the No. 1 position stood Lockheed Martin, as the aerospace and defense organization has just under 2,000 job openings currently posted. In a close second comes Amazon, with 1,900 tech roles available.

While both of those companies are in technology, there were plenty of other industries represented on the list, ranging from JCPenny and CHICO’S to Booz Allen Hamilton and JPMorgan Chase.

If anything, Forbes’ list proves that businesses across every sector need tech employees. This bodes well for IT professionals who want to work in a corporate culture they enjoy in an industry that interests them.

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What companies and industries need IT pros the most? [Video]
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