What’s your IT Hiring Plan for 2014?

With the dawning of a new year, it’s time for employers to get their 2014 IT hiring plans into shape. Mobile computing and cloud-based services remain the hot trends in Information Technology, and companies need to ensure their workforce is poised to help them achieve the promises of these new innovations.

Let’s take a look at the steps that make up a well-considered technical hiring plan, and ensure your company partners with the right people, helping your hiring strategies stay successful in 2014 and beyond.

Develop your Recruiting Brand

It is important that your company website provides prospective candidates with a positive impression of your firm. Additionally, make the effort to print up some brochures to pass out during interviews or at job fair appearances.

These combine to make up your company’s “recruiting brand,” and will go a long way in positioning your firm as the place the top technical talent wants to work.

Analyze upcoming Projects to Determine the Necessary Head Count

Spend some time with your managers analyzing upcoming project work for the current year. Are you staffed appropriately? Do you need to make some permanent hires, or will contract workers help get your firm through crunch time?

Give special attention to any new technologies to be used in 2014 to make sure your company is staffed appropriately. You can’t count on last minute training to ensure the success of a project based on new tech! This is an area where a contract employee well versed in the latest programming languages, databases, or network management tools can really make a positive impact.

Partner with a Top Rank Local Recruiter

Building a partnership with a local IT recruiter is another important part of any hiring plan. The best technical staffing companies know the hot technologies for 2014, maintain a collection of résumés of the area’s top IT talent, and can vet your hiring plan — ensuring it leads to your company’s continued success.

As one of the top technical staffing firms in the New Jersey area, APN Consulting can help you meet your company’s IT hiring needs for 2014. Whether it is through the strategic hires of permanent employees or the tactical addition of temporary contract work, APN is a valuable partner. Contact the APN Consulting team today!

What’s your IT Hiring Plan for 2014?

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