Why are IT professionals’ salaries so high? [Video]

As always, the biggest and best tech colleges are experiencing a “white-hot demand” for students majoring in computer science and other IT-related fields.

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The high demand for IT graduates is well-known. However, the exact reason behind the high salaries is often hard to correlate due a number of other factors.

The Dean of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Andrew Moore, stated that the peak is pay is all thanks to the competitive nature of IT hiring. On the other hand, Professor Ed Lazowska, the Bill & Melinda Gates chair of computer science and engineering at the University of Washington, posited that the gap between available jobs and fresh-faced techies is causing starting salaries to skyrocket.

Many experts indicated that the initial pay rate for individuals with computer science degrees is up more than 40 percent from 2010, but with more students entering STEM fields everyday, will those salaries start to come back down to Earth?

Industry professionals told NetworkWorld that this is unlikely as organizations outside IT markets are picking up IT students left and right to support their underlying infrastructures.

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Why are IT professionals’ salaries so high? [Video]
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