Why You Aren’t Getting Top Candidates

If your company isn’t always attracting the best technical candidates for contract or permanent employment, it’s time to look in the mirror and see what steps need to be taken to rectify the situation. Your staffing firm needs to be considered as a long-term partner, not just someone to call when an emergency arises.

Treat Your Staffing Firm as Important Partner of Your HR Team

When it comes time to make any form of technology hire, it is vital to open up to your local IT staffing company. Make sure your HR staff isn’t short or off-putting. Let your recruiter know your needs and the important aspects of your corporate culture to ensure the new employee thrives when he or she comes onboard.

This empowers the recruiter to go out in the field and find an array of potentially ideal candidates to bring in for a round of interviews. It is important for your HR staff to realize that staffing companies exist to help make their jobs easier. Treat the relationship between your company’s human resources and an external recruiter as a partnership to make sure your organization’s recruitment efforts remain efficient.

Openness is the Key When Engaging a Staffing Firm

The importance of striving for openness between your human resources staff and your chosen technical staffing agency can’t be stressed more clearly. Your HR staff needs to be honest, frank, and forthcoming regarding the type of employee your company needs. The desired skill set, experience, and issues surrounding cultural fit all need to be stated clearly and accurately.

If your staffing firm can do a better job finding you that perfect employee, everyone comes out ahead. Your company reaps the benefits of improved efficiency, allowing your HR department to focus on your current staff instead of trying to find a new hire. A long-term partnership with your staffing agency allows this to happen.

As one of the leading technical staffing companies in the New York metropolitan area, APN Consulting is a perfect choice when looking for a partner for your IT employment needs. They have the recruiters on hand to help your company find the best possible talent, both now and in the future.

Why You Aren’t Getting Top Candidates

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