Winning IT recruitment with gamification [Video]

If you could make IT recruitment more entertaining and effective at the same time, would you?

Well, that is exactly what many leading companies, including Facebook and Google, are using gamification for. And many reasons why you should too.

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Gamification is the method of applying “game-like” elements and thinking to make an otherwise mundane process more engaging. In IT, it means asking job applicants to participate in a coding competition or complete challenge relating to their professions. 

This approach is more effective than, say, traditional aptitude tests.

Hiring managers can assess the qualities and skills of IT pros in a way that directly relates to the position. And they can weed out applicants that look good on paper, but don’t perform well under pressure.

Gamifying the recruitment process demonstrates the kind of forward-thinking that attracts the best software engineers and programmers. 

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Winning IT recruitment with gamification [Video]
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