Women and IT roles: 23-year low [Video]

Unfortunately, the number of women in the IT industry is at historic lows. Surprising? Not really.

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According to the latest report from the American Association of University Women, in the past 23 years, the percentage of IT jobs held by women has steadily fallen.

The study’s most recent numbers come from 2013, at time when only 26 percent of computing positions were filled by women in the U.S. In 1990, the percentage of female IT employees was around 35 percent.

This comes as no surprise since the biggest tech leaders such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, all have lower than 17 percent of their IT workforces made up of women.

The solution: Separate bias from the interview process. With two interviewers, businesses can ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at a job, regardless of gender.

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Women and IT roles: 23-year low [Video]
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