Building Workplace Culture While WFH

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Beginning a new job is always pretty daunting, but more so when you have to do it remotely. As much as the pandemic has affected the job market, leaving millions unemployed, some people have been lucky enough to beat the odds and secure new employment. But starting work at a new firm during lockdown comes with a unique set of challenges that one has to navigate to acclimatize with their role.

Every corporate company has its own workplace culture that employees need to understand to become a part of. But doing so while working remotely can be difficult because you may not get the opportunity to establish a rapport with fellow workers in person or ask them about the dos and don’ts of the new working environment. So, there is no denying that breaking into a corporation’s workplace culture without being at the office is challenging. However, it’s not entirely unachievable.

Here we have some essential tips on familiarizing oneself with an office’s working style when working remotely:

Stay In Constant Touch With Your Supervisor

Now that you are all set to join your new workplace, you must have had some interaction with your supervisor, so you know who they are and what they do. This means you can reach out to them and maybe chat a bit to take the lay of the place. Leave a message for them saying that you are excited to begin your job and that you’d love continuous guidance from them. That said, don’t hound them endlessly. Drop a text or email and let them get back to you.

Greet Your Fellow Employees Via Text And Online Workgroups

Due to the mandated work from home measures, companies had to come up with alternative means to keep in touch with the employees. For that reason, now most teams stay connected through chatrooms and other online portals. When you are added to any such group, be sure to greet everyone warmly and express an eagerness to learn from your seniors. Doing so will immediately leave a positive first impression on others.

Interact With People Working On The Same Project

The projects you will be assigned must already have other employees working on them. So, when you begin working on any assignments, reach out to the senior members of the team and ask them for guidance. But don’t pester them! Just leave a message and wait.

Check-In On Coworkers

Although not too common, sometimes employees share their struggles on workgroups for advice or just to vent out. If you learn about something tragic that happened with a fellow employee, send them a personal message to show your support.

As noted above, adjusting to a new workplace without going to the office is difficult, but you can make it happen with continued effort.

Now that we have covered what new employees need to do to familiarize themselves with their job and workplace let’s look at what employers can do for recruits to make onboarding smooth?

Have Weekly Meetings

To make a new entrant into your firm feel welcomed, have a meeting once a week to show them you are involved in their progress. And more importantly, have a video call on their first day at work to make them feel comfortable.

Invite New Recruits To All The Workgroups

Add fresh employees to all the relevant workgroups and ask your existing team to welcome them warmly. Doing so will boost the new entrant’s morale and motivate them to work diligently.

Lay Out A Plan For Fresh Employees

An essential step to help fresh employees adjust is giving them a 30, 60, or 90-day plan, so they know how they are supposed to move forward. If you do that, the latest members of your team will feel ‘needed’ and not like some directionless ducks wandering around.

The corporate world has been tremendously affected due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, as humans, we can learn to adapt and use our innate flexibility to make the best out of this dire situation.

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Building Workplace Culture While WFH

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