Your IT Recruiting Firm Part 2

When deciding on a recruiting firm to use in your next job search, it helps to analyze how they will help you throughout the process. Some recruiter cold calling you out of the blue with a specific need — maybe a language you programmed in six or seven years ago — probably isn’t with a firm that you would want to partner with on a long term basis.

Finding an IT recruiting company that takes the time to vet your technical skills, understands the needs of the best companies in your area, and markets you to those firms takes a little analysis and patience. It is important to work with a recruiting company that treats you like a long-term partner instead of an opportunity to earn a quick fee. Let’s find out what criteria to use when picking a recruiting company.

Make Sure you are thoroughly vetted on Technology

The best recruiting companies perform detailed skills assessments on any candidate they are working with. Leveraging a third party to conduct the assessment ensures an objective opinion of your skills. This ultimately saves time — for both you and for the company possibly interested in hiring you.

A Staffing Firm that offers Flexibility in Assignments

If you are interested in developing new technical skills in your career, a temporary contract assignment can be a perfect match. Look for a recruiting firm that offers a variety of assignments on both a permanent and a contract basis, giving you the flexibility to develop your career as you see fit.

Honest and Constructive Feedback from your Career Partner

Additionally, the best recruiters take an interest in your career and give you constructive and honest feedback from your skills assessment or from a previous employer on a contract assignment. You can use this valuable feedback delivered by a partner to further develop a rewarding career in IT.

When looking for an IT recruiting company as a partner, look no further than APN Consulting. As one of the top technical staffing companies in the Metropolitan New York area, they have the recruiters on hand to help further your career. Schedule some time with them today!

Your IT Recruiting Firm Part 2

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